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PVC Strip Curtains in Chennai

PVC Strip Curtains are Most Preferable Product for Loading and Unloading Docks. Our Clear Transparent PVC Strip Curtains Have Good Transparency Compare to other Suppliers in Chennai, India.

Using our PVC Strip Curtains, Clear PVC Strip Curtains Will get Huge Benefits Which Include Unlimited access by Forklifts and Pedestrians, Energy Conservation, Increased Efficiency on the Shop Floor, Rounded edges to Avoid Injury to Pedestrians, Effective Reduction in Heat, Cold , Humidity-loss, Noise and Dust Transmission, Prevents Birds, Flies, dust, Heat from entering the working area. Transparent PVC Strip Curtains are easy to Maintain using Plain Water.PVC Strip Curtains in chennai.


Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtains

Welding grade pvc strip curtains are designed to deliver a safe, durable and economical barrier against sparks and welding arc flashes. Welding grade material will protect your workers from harmful UV rays omitted during the welding process.

Welding grade pvc strip curtains are available in dark red, dark green, this is to screen out the hazardous UV rays and welding flash, you can see through the material when light radiates from behind the PVC screen, and the PVC strip provides optical protection from metal welding and flash. It also protects workers from sparks and hot metal projectiles that can cause severe burns to unprotected skin and can cause fires.

Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains

Ribbed pvc strip curtains can be used to ensure that the strip door remains clearer, longer. The ribs on the PVC serve as the primary point of impact on the door so that when forklifts pass through, the ribs absorb the shock, keeping the PVC clear.

Unlimited access by vehicles and Pedestrians. Energy conservation. Increased Efficiency on the shop floor. Rounded edges to avoid injury to Pedestrians. Effective reduction in heat, cold and humidity-loss, noise and dust transmission. Improved working environment. Prevents birds, flies, dust, fumes etc. from entering the working area. Maintenance free requires an occasional wash with plain water and / or colins.